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How to book a Larne Ferry

When you search for your Larne Ferry ticket with directferries.ie we’ll compare numerous sailings around your preferred departure time to see if there is a better price available as well as any suitable alternative ferry ports that you may have overlooked or didn’t know about so that you have all the information you need to plan and book your ferry crossing. To get started, enter your details into the Larne ferry 'Fare Search' and hit search! For commercial ferry bookings, visit our Larne Freight Ferry page.

Larne Port Map

Larne Ferry Services

Larne to Troon with P&O Irish Sea
Crossing Duration2 Sailings Daily
Sailing Schedules 2 hour 15 minute crossing
P&O Irish Sea
Larne to Cairnryan with P&O Irish Sea
Crossing Duration7 Sailings Daily
Sailing Schedules 1 hour 45 minute crossing
P&O Irish Sea
Larne to Douglas with Steam Packet
Crossing Duration4 Sailings Weekly
Sailing Schedules 2 hour 45 minute crossing
Steam Packet
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