P&O Irish Sea

With P&O Irish Sea Ferries you can sail between England and Ireland and Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The P&O Irish Sea brand name was used from 1998 – 2010 and has now changed back to being P&O Ferries.

The seasonal Troon Larne service uses the P&O Express fastcraft, the year round Cairnryan Larne service utilises cruise ferries and Liverpool Dublin conventional ships.

P&O Ferries plan to keep the whole family happy on the Irish Sea and wherever you're headed you'll find that your trip is packed with entertainment for all ages.

With directferries.ie you can find P&O Irish Sea timetables, fares and book P&O Irish Sea ferry tickets. Where applicable we’ll also compare P&O Irish Sea with alternative ferry companies.

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P&O Irish Sea Customer Reviews

  • "Almost a mini mini cruise"

    A great crossing . I enjoy the functionality of the hospitality, cooked food was very good, (salad was a bit tired!) and all the crew were friendly and helpful. A day cabin is cheap and worth investing in as the on deck seating is limited and fixed and noisy by air outlets. Bar was very pleasant (as was the house wine) with a great view- coming into Luverpool by sea was a stunning and novel take on a city I know well!

    'Anonymous' travelled with P&O Irish Sea on European Endeavour

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  • "Smooth crossing"

    Excellent all round service. Vessel was clean and tidy, no complaints. Crossing was very smooth but mainly because the sea was like a mill pond. Found staff helpful and courteous. Ten out of ten.

    'Peter Neil' travelled with P&O Irish Sea on European Causeway/European Highlander

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  • "A very smooth crossing"

    A very pleasant trip to Ireland.

    'Robert' travelled with P&O Irish Sea on European Highlander/Stena Europe

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  • "A great way to get to Ireland"

    Great service, and I'd only fault it with regards to the lack of signage within the port at Bootle , which meant that I was driving around for ages looking for the queue.For me it was s great way to get to Ireland , and far better than driving all the way from Sheffield to Holyhead.

    'Marie' travelled with P&O Irish Sea on Norbank

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