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"HSS Explorer"

Reviewed 02 August 2014 by Richard

A lovely experience..the crossing was prompt leaving and arriving and comfortable

'Richard' travelled with P&O Irish Sea, Liverpool Dublin on European Endeavour

"Fast Ferry"

Reviewed 01 August 2014 by Marcel

I've been on quite some ferries but this one is really high speed. The jet stream is more than one mile long! It takes two hours from Larne to Troon on this clean boat just enough time to watch a recent movie (Walter Mitty). Everything was in order, the toilets where very proper. If you are travelling in a Campervan which is 3 metres high (or higher) you should book a good time in advance because the availability for these vehicles is limited. Have a nice journey. Marcel

'Marcel' travelled with P&O Irish Sea, Larne Troon on Express

"Chilled out crossing."

Reviewed 01 August 2014 by Anonymous

Friendly and competent staff, meals of a high standard at a fair price. The only minus is the price of car and passengers on the Cairnryan Larne crossing.

'Anonymous' travelled with P&O Irish Sea, Cairnryan Larne on European Causeway/European Highlander


Reviewed 31 July 2014 by William

I recently travelled on your ferry and I paid to go into the private lounge with My wife and one year old baby. because seating was limited outside. However I was shocked that I had to pay the same price as an adult for my one year old baby. Usually babies are free or a lower cost. Also the lady that was the attendant for the private lounge, also worked in the shop during the crossing, so her service in the private lounge was not always available.

'William' travelled with P&O Irish Sea, Cairnryan Larne on European Highlander

P&O Irish Sea comprises a fleet of conventional ferry and fast craft in operation between Ireland, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Find out what it’s like onboard when you travel with P&O Irish Sea from the ship pages listed below:
Sail between Northern Ireland and Scotland on the fastest service in operation from the port of Larne with a choice of 2 destination ports - Troon and Cairnryan or sail between 2 of Europe's most popular cities - Dublin and Liverpool in just 8 hours, daily. Cruise across by day or by night, enjoy a tasty free meal and you'll soon be driving through beautiful countryside, relaxed and refreshed.

P&O Irish Sea Ferries plan to keep the whole family happy. Where ever you're headed you'll find that your trip is packed with entertainment for all ages.

The warm, welcoming atmosphere and the beauty of Ireland - it's right on your doorstep with P&O Irish Sea.

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3 Sailings Daily
7 hour 30 minute crossing
7 Sailings Daily
2 hour crossing
14 Sailings Weekly
2 hour 15 minute crossing
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