G&V Line

Helping to provide smooth sailing throughout the ports of Croatia, G & V Line is here to provide you with the best ferry experience in Croatia. Founded in 1994 in Dubrovnik, and then restructured and improved in 2013, they now have 3 ships and over 50 employees, all dedicated to helping you get the best ferry experience.

Although there are many different ships that are run by G & V Line, the main cruise ship that will be offered is the Antonija, which is big enough to fill all your needs no matter what route you are travelling on. Their entire fleet consists of catamarans, which will give you smooth sailing no matter what the weather conditions may be, and they have everything you may need to get the best ferry journey in Croatia.

Through Direct Ferries, you can find the best route and price available for your journeys with G & V Line, by checking multiple sailings and fares to find you the best deal available. Book with Direct Ferries now to get the best ferry experiences with G & V .

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