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About Aegadian Islands

The Aegadian Islands are a group of small mountainous islands in the Mediterranean located just off the north western coast of Sicily.

The Islands includes Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo and the 2 smaller islands of Formica and Maraone.

The Aegadian Islands are not as dramatic as the volcanic Aeolian Islands, nor as breathtakingly beautiful and exclusive as Capri. They have a more discreet appeal, but this, along with their accessibility, gives them their own brand of charm.

The Aegadian Islands aren't very well known outside of Italy and only really attract tourists during the peak of summer in July and August.

There are however plenty of amenities for tourists including pleasant accommodation, restaurants, cafes, shops and an authentic and welcoming local atmosphere.

Ferries travel to the main islands with the majority of crossings coming from Sicily.