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About Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (Sicily being the largest), between Italy, Spain and Tunisia, south of Corsica. It forms part of Italy.

A little under 120 miles from the Italian mainland, slightly more than that from the North African coast at Tunisia, Sardinia is way off most tourist itineraries of Italy; D.H. Lawrence found it exotically different when he passed through here in 1921 - "lost", as he put it, "between Europe and Africa and belonging to nowhere."

Your reasons for coming will probably be a combination of plain curiosity and a yearning for clean beaches.

The island is relatively free of large cities or heavy industry, and its beaches are indeed some of the cleanest in Italy and are on the whole un-crowded, except perhaps for peak season, when ferries bring in a steady stream of sun-worshippers from what the islanders call ‘il continente’, or mainland Italy.

But Sardinia offers plenty besides sun and sea - the more so if you are prepared to penetrate into its lesser-known interior.