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Ferries to Colombia

Colombia is a South American country, found at the continent’s northern tip, bordering Central America to the northwest.

What’s there to see?

Twice the size of France, Colombia occupies a sizable portion of South America, including the archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina in the Caribbean Sea. Owing to its size, Colombian landscapes and climates vary hugely, ranging from the snow-capped Andes Mountains and verdant valleys to sweeping desert plains and tropical beaches.

It’s also one of the world’s seventeen megadiverse nations, harbouring an incredible amount of different animal and plant species, as well as several endemic species. But it’s best known for some of South America’s best archaeological discoveries. The most mysterious of which is San Agustin, the largest group of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures on the continent. Also worth seeing is the ancient ‘Lost City’ in the Sierra Nevada region, thought to have been founded roughly six hundred and fifty years before Peru’s Machu Picchu, consisting of almost two hundred terraces fashioned into the forested mountainside.

Where to go

Bogota, the world’s third highest capital, is a cosmopolitan city showcasing Colombia’s great cultural diversity and rich history, featuring a cobblestoned plaza and numerous colonial landmarks including the Church of San Francisco and National Theatre. Cable cars afford fantastic aerial views, climbing the peak of Monserrate, the ten thousand feet-high mountain looming over the city, while the Zona G serves up exquisite international cuisines.

Nicknamed the ‘City of Eternal Spring’, Medellin is the capital of the mountainous Antioquia province, hosting the famous Flower Festival each year. Having undergone a complete image transformation from a troublesome mid-1990s, Medellin is now arguably the most innovative and trendy city in Colombia. With a high skyline, a network of contemporary metro cables interlink the city with the surrounding neighbourhoods, offering outstanding vistas of the Aburra Valley along the way. The main plaza is adorned with huge bronze sculptures, and you can stroll through the largest art museum in the country.

The archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, although geographically closer to Nicaragua, is a group of pristine Colombian islands in the Caribbean Sea. Fringed by immaculate coral reefs, these speckles of paradise have a long British history, with some locals speaking the three hundred year old English-Creole language.

What ferries are available in Colombia?

Ferries connect Providencia Island and San Andres, with five sailings every week, each way, across the glistening Caribbean waters, offering some of the best tropical views in Colombia. Operated by Conocemos Navegando, these domestic crossings last just three hours from Providencia, and four hours from San Andres.

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