Sorry, the Current - Nassau service is no longer available.

Ferries to Current - Nassau

The Current - Nassau service was operated by Bahamas Ferries.

The Current - Nassau route is no longer running and there are currently no direct alternative ferry services between Eleuthera, Bahamas and New Providence, Bahamas either. Please browse our route, port, destination or ferry company pages to see if there is an alternative option or follow the links on this page for further information.

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Current Guide

Found on the tip of North Eleuthera, an island just a few miles across the Atlantic from the Bahaman capital city of Nassau, is the quaint village of Current. Bahamas Ferries operate two weekly sailings both to the Port of Nassau with the journey taking around three hours.

What is there to do around Current?
This tiny settlement sits at the end of a hilly mainland peninsula, the tip of which overlooks the cerulean waters of the Current Cut strait. Across this narrow section of sea is the largely uninhabited Current Island that points westwards on rugged land shaped like the blade of a spear. The Caribbean waves make it a surfing haven and the exotic marine life and caves provide the perfect opportunity for fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling. The nearby Lighthouse Beach provides unrivalled white sand and scenery while Leon Levy Naïve Plant Preserve will give you a nice break from the beach and an interesting insight into the island habitat.

How do I get to the port?
The Port of Current is located to the south of the village. It is a small facility consisting of nothing more than a check-in booth and an undercover waiting area that can be found just a few steps from the shore and the concrete docking area. Although there is no public transport system on Eleuthera, the port and village is fed by the extensive Queen’s Highway covering the entire length of the island.

What services leave the port?
Only one passenger service currently operates from the port. A Bahamas Ferries line sails to the city of Nassau on the Bahaman island of New Providence a couple of times a week. It’s a short journey that takes passengers through the Current Cut and across the glittering sapphire surface of the North Atlantic Ocean.