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Favignana ferry port in Aegadian Islands is served by a number of ferry routes with crossings to Trapani, Marettimo, Levanzo & Marsala available. With a selection of up to 37 Sailings Daily, the port of Favignana connects Aegadian Islands with Sicily.

Sailing durations range from 10 minutes on the Levanzo service to 30 minutes on the Trapani service.

Although there is a brief summary on this page, as sailing information can vary based on time of year we’d advise you to get live sailing times and prices in our Favignana fare search.


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Favignana Ferry Services

  • Liberty Lines Fast Ferries
    • 15 Sailings Daily 30 min
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  • Liberty Lines Fast Ferries
    • 7 Sailings Daily 25 min
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  • Liberty Lines Fast Ferries
    • 10 Sailings Daily 10 min
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  • Liberty Lines Fast Ferries
    • 5 Sailings Daily 30 min
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Favignana Ferry Port

The island of Favignana is a butterfly-shaped landmass found off the northern coast of Sicily that sits by the toe of the Italian mainland. Situated on the shore between the two “wings” of the island is Favignana town. This historic settlement, built around the crystal-blue waters of a Mediterranean bay, is famed for its trade of Bluefin tuna caught using the ancient tonnara technique; a method of fishing that involves deploying large nets to fence off a section of the sea.

The port of Favignana consists of a collection of piers that protrude from the edge of the bay to the west of town. The ferry terminal is found on the largest of these piers near the old depots of Gigi dock. Facilities here include a souvenir shop, a small café selling snacks and a bicycle hire service for those desperate to explore the rugged hilltops to the west or revel in the rustic charm of the flatlands to the east from the comfort of a saddle.

As the biggest town and capital of the island, Favignana is connected to every other settlement by a series of rural roads that twist from coast to coast. The largest of these is the Via Calamoni which curves around the outskirts of town and then cuts west through the hills towards the picturesque village of Pozzo Ponente. However, as there is no train station on the island, and buses only operate on a seasonal basis, travelling to and from the harbour can prove tricky.

Two ferry operators currently offer routes from Favignana port. Liberty Lines and Siremar ferries both travel on a daily basis to the neighbouring islands of Levanzo and Marettimo as well as the town of Trapani on the western coast of Sicily. Liberty Lines also offers daily services to Marsala and a longer voyage north to the sprawling city of Napoli on the mainland of Italy.

How To Get To Favignana Ferry Port

  • Favignana Ferry Port Address

    Via Molo S. Leonardo 31, 91023 Favignana TP

  • Favignana Accommodation

    If you need to spend a night at or near Favignana ferry port before or after your trip or if you are looking for accommodation for your entire stay, please visit our Favignana Accommodation page for the best accommodation prices and one of the largest selections available online!