Kohama Island

Compare ferries from Kohama Island to Iriomote Island

There is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Kohama Island and Iriomote Island operated by 2 ferry companies – Ishigaki Dream Tours & Yaeyama Kanko Ferry. The Kohama to Ohara ferry crossing operates weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 35 minutes.

Whilst we’ve taken great care to ensure the information on this page is correct, as the frequency and duration of crossings on all routes can vary from time to time we’d advise that you get a live quote for current availability on this Kohama Island Iriomote Island crossing between Kohama and Ohara.

Kohama Island Iriomote Island Ferry Map

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Ferries from Kohama Island to Iriomote Island

About Iriomote Island:

Iriomote is a sparsely populated island in the Yaeyamas, southern Japan, measuring almost three hundred square-kilometres, making it the second largest landmass in Okinawa Prefecture.

A trip to Iriomote gives you the chance to explore one of Japan’s most untouched environments, with 90% of the island covered in dense trees, mangroves and national parks. Not only that, surrounding Iriomote are some of the country’s finest coral reefs, whilst inland, a network of rivers meanders through jungles and cascades down cliffs. These are best enjoyed on a riverboat or kayak, adding a real sense of wilderness and adventure.

Although home to just over two thousand residents, Iriomote is inhabited by the critically endangered namesake wildcat, a small subspecies of leopard rarely seen by visitors, so keep an eye out.

Japan is known for its excellent ferry infrastructure; the Yaeyamas are no different. Travelling between the islands couldn’t be easier, with roughly a dozen sailings every day from Hatoma and Ishigaki and daily routes from Kohama.