Ishigaki Dream Tours

Ishigaki Dream Tours is a Japanese ferry operator based in the Yaeyamas, a small archipelago in Okinawa Prefecture, interlinking the islands of Taketomi, Kuroshima, Iriomote, Ishigaki and Hatoma.

Covering an area of over two hundred square miles, Ishigaki Dream Tours cruises around the Yaeyamas with a fleet of high-speed ferries, all fully equipped with the next generation technology and air-conditioning, whilst also being designed to significantly reduce the causes of seasickness. And, for your peace of mind, Ishigaki Dream Tours is licensed by the Ministry of Transport and Tourism, so you can be assured of a smoothly-run and safe operation.

The Yaeyamas are one of Japan’s finest features, offering the best snorkelling and some of the last intact tropical jungles and mangrove swamps in the country, all thanks to their proximity to the Tropic of Cancer. They also boast some exquisite beaches, with the surrounding waters home to many wonderful species like dolphins, sea turtles and manta rays, so it’s easy to see why the archipelago is so popular. provides an impartial ferry comparison service allowing you to view numerous ferry company timetables and fares in one quick and easy search. Compare Ishigaki Dream Tours timetables and prices now with all alternative ferry operators before booking your ferry ticket.

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