Sorry, the Freeport - Nassau service is no longer available.

Ferries to Freeport - Nassau

The Freeport - Nassau service is operated by Bahamas Ferries.

The Freeport - Nassau route is no longer available with Direct Ferries. Please browse our route, port, destination or ferry company pages to see if there is an alternative option or follow the links on this page for further information.

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Freeport Guide

Located on the island of Grand Bahama, of the north west Bahamas, the city of Freeport is the second most populous city in the Bahamas. The city lies on the major east/west - north/south shipping routes and is only around 100 km off the coast of Palm Beach in Florida. A popular tourist destination in the city is Lucaya and its marketplace which evolved partly through design and partly as a result of hurricane damage to other parts of the city. Offering a range of shops and restaurants with themes from around the world, the International Bazaar is also a popular visitor destination. Also included are some tourist shops and a small Straw Market. The popularity of this has declined in recent years as it has lost many of its stores to Port Lucaya Marketplace, which is not to be confused with the actual Port Lucaya where ships dock. Freeport has everything from shops and beaches to restaurants a casino and two major golf courses.

Lucayan Harbour is a 10 minute drive from Freeport. Taxis are available from the pier and are metered but often charge a flat fee. There are also vans to ferry passengers into town. Rental cars and scooters are available to hire.