Gili Gili Fast Boat

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Gili Gili Fast Boat’s vessel has a total capacity of 78 passengers and can travel at speeds of up to 35 knots. Those on board will be treated to a spacious interior, bathroom facilities, an LCD TV as well as music to keep you entertained whilst on the move. There’s also the added bonus of the beautiful surroundings and views of the Indonesian coastline to take in from the sun deck area on the roof. The ship is manned with experienced staff as well as being equipped with the latest and state of the art safety equipment, so you can travel with peace of mind.

Please Note: Whilst we have taken great care in making our Gili Gili Fast Boat guide as accurate as possible, onboard facilities, services and entertainment may vary depending on the date and time of year that you travel, facilities mentioned may change without notification and ferry companies reserve the right to operate vessels other than those mentioned at time of booking without prior notification.

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