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Grisslehamn ferry port in Sweden connects you with Eckero in Aland with a choice of up to 18 ferry crossings per week. The duration of the Grisslehamn to Eckero crossing is from 1 hour 45 minutes and the crossing is operated by Eckerö Linjen.


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  • Eckerö Linjen
    • 18 Sailings Weekly 1 hr 45 min
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Grisslehamn Ferry Port

On the hump of south-east Sweden, just a few hours north from the capital of Stockholm, is the quaint rural village of Grisslehamn. With a population of just over 200, this tranquil locality on the coast of the Sea of Åland is bursting with Nordic charm. Colourful Swedish-style villas hide beneath the leafy boughs of evergreen trees and narrow country lanes meander across the scenic lowlands.

Although the port of Grisslehamn is relatively small, it is a popular departure point for passengers wanting to reach the autonomous Finnish island of Eckerö that intersects the Gulf of Bothnia; an extensive stretch of the Baltic Sea that separates the east coast of Sweden from the west coast of Finland.

Ferries leave the port from a wide concrete pier on the north bank of a calm sea inlet. The pier is serviced by a check-in booth and is divided into neat lanes that allow vehicles and passengers to board the ships quickly and easily. A bus terminal can also be found on site, from which passengers can travel up through the islands that litter the east coast as far as the small town of Ellan Vändplan on the isle of Singo.

A bus runs from the centre of Stockholm to Grisslehamn too. It’s an hour and a half journey that takes passengers across the E18 motorway and up along Route 283 that cuts through swathes of beautiful countryside.

Currently only one ferry service operates from the port. An Eckerö Linjen ferry leaves the port at Grisslehamn multiple times per day and sails the short journey east to the town of Eckerö found on the island of the same name.

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  • Grisslehamn Ferry Port Address

    Skatuddsvägen 13, SE-764 56, Grisslehamn

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