Sorry, the Koge - Ronne service is no longer available.

Ferries to Koge - Ronne

The Koge - Ronne service is operated by BornholmerFærgen.

The Koge - Ronne route is no longer available with Direct Ferries. Please browse our route, port, destination or ferry company pages to see if there is an alternative option or follow the links on this page for further information.

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Koge Guide

Koge is a town and port located on the coast of Koge Bugt (Bay of Koge) roughly 40 km to the south west of Copenhagen. The town's strategic location and its natural harbour has, to some extent, enabled the town's development into a market town. The town's half timbered houses in the old town centre act as a reminder of the town's history and provide a lovely backdrop for a stroll through the town. There is quite a lot to do and see in the town. There are a number of specialist shops which are worth a visit or alternatively simply have a lovely drink and listen to some jazz. Also of interest in the town is Koge Church (the Church of St. Nicolas), Koge Mini Tower, Koge Art Gallery and Koge Marina.

Koge's port provides ferry connections to Ronne on the island of Bornholm. The port is easily accessible on the motorway network from Copenhagen and Rodby and there is also a regular bus service to the city centre.

Ronne Guide

Located on the island of Bornholm, also known as the “Pearl of the Baltic”, Ronne is officially part of Denmark although it is in fact closer to Sweden, Poland and Germany and combines the cultures of the entire Baltic region. Ronne is a great place to escape to and relax whilst taking in its beautiful landscape and immersing yourself in its charming slower pace of life. The city's older districts have been popular with tourists for a number of years and of particular interest are the streets of Laksegade and Storegade which have a number of historic houses that were once home to the city's merchants and noblemen. Popular landmarks include the Bornholm Museum, the Defence Museum, St. Nicolas' Church, the Smedegards Riding School and the lighthouse which was built in 1880. The city is quite compact and can easily be explored on foot.

Ronne is connected to the rest of Denmark and to the outside world by ferry services to Koge, Ystad, Sassnitz and Swinoujscie. There is also a high speed catamaran link to Ystad which connects to a direct train link between Ystad and Copenhagen.