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Kythira ferry port in Ionian Islands is served by a number of ferry routes with crossings to Piraeus, Kissamos & Antikythira available. With a selection of up to 3 Sailings Weekly, the port of Kythira connects Ionian Islands with Athens, Crete.

Sailing durations range from 1 hour 40 minutes on the Antikythira service to 6 hours 30 minutes on the Piraeus service.

Although there is a brief summary on this page, as sailing information can vary based on time of year we’d advise you to get live sailing times and prices in our Kythira fare search.


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Kythira Ferry Services

  • SeaJets
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 6 hr 30 min
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  • SeaJets
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 3 hr 50 min
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  • SeaJets
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 1 hr 40 min
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Kythira Ferry Port

The wonderful beaches and exciting contrasts of Kythira, a Greek island near the southern mainland, have transformed it into a popular destination for tourists looking for a relaxing time in the sun. Despite the fact that an airport lies on the island, the ferry remains the easiest and most convenient way to get to Kythira. Many of the major travel companies will not include the airport in their travel deals, causing flights to be relatively expensive. The island isn’t particularly close to any of the other well-known islands, as a result the best way to get to Kythira is by ferry from Athens. It’s also an ideal way to witness the stunning scenery and idyllic surroundings that belong the Greek islands.

The island was a popular destination for Australians during the 20th Century, and many ended up emigrating there. Consequently, many visitors are surprised to hear the locals speaking English with a slight Australian twang in their accent. Many suggest the reason so many Australians ended up staying is because of the similar climate and landscapes – there are myriad of waterfalls and rockpools dotted around the island. As well as the waterfalls, there are many beaches that are prime for swimming in the crystal clear waters.

The port, located in Diakofti, has undergone a recent renovation in an attempt to improve the infrastructure of the island, with a new road being built linking the rest of the town with the port. Unlike many of the Greek Islands, Kythira is relatively far away and the ferry routes can take up to three hours. The most common crossing is to the capital city of Athens, providing the gateway onto mainland Greece.