Sorry, the Lucky Bay - Wallaroo service is no longer available.

Ferries to Lucky Bay - Wallaroo

The Lucky Bay - Wallaroo service is operated by Sea Sa.

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Lucky Bay Guide

Located on the Eyre Peninsular in South Australia is Luck Bay. The bay was named Lucky Bay by Matthew Flinders when he was exploring Australia's south coast in 1802. He took a dangerous route through the Recherche Archipelago and took cover in the bay from a summer storm. Whilst in anchored in the bay, Flinders' botanist, Robert Brown, discovered many new species of flora whilst exploring the area. The bay is the perfect location to swim, to snorkel, to fish and for surfing and launching small boats. However, visitors should note that the beaches can be tricky for vehicles as it is easy for them to become bogged down in the most innocent looking wet or dry sand.

The Bay's port is the terminus of SeaSA's Spencer Gulf passenger ferry service which operates across the Spencer Gulf between Lucky Bay and Wallaroo. The service, which is for passengers and vehicles, received the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association award in 2006 'for its potential to save more than 25,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually from road traffic by providing a cross-Gulf alternative to the lengthy round-Gulf car trip'.

Wallaroo Guide

The Australian town of Wallaroo is a popular holiday destination which is around 160 km to the north of Adelaide and offers visitors excellent swimming and fishing and is a great place to relax. One of the most popular destinations for fishing in the State is the Wallaroo Jetty whilst underneath the Jetty there is a wide variety of sea life and is popular with scuba divers. The town is home to a deep sea port and is the home port of the Spencer Gulf prawn fleet. Also, along with a multi-million dollar marina, Wallaroo has many attractions and is also the home of the Sea SA Car and Passenger Ferry that makes daily crossings from Wallaroo to Lucky Bay on the Eyre Peninsular.

The town was founded in 1861 and was later declared a town in 1862. The town's population peaked at 5,000 in 1920 and the port was the Yorke Peninsula's largest and most important port in 1923 when copper production ceased, and was also the largest and most important on the Spencer Gulf until the Port Piries smelters were established in the late 19th century.