LYG Ferry

Lianyungang Ferry Co. is a leading South Korean operator, traversing the Yellow Sea from Incheon and Pyeongtaek on the west coast of South Korea to Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province in eastern China.

Each of their ferries come fully equipped with an array of on board amenities including a mix of Korean and Chinese restaurants, duty free shops selling an extensive range of products, games rooms to keep you entertained and full Wi-Fi coverage. They also also boast a large selection of cabins, giving you as much accommodation choice as possible.

Connecting three culturally significant cities in Eastern Asia, Lianyungang Ferry Co. is the best operator for exploring Chinese and Korean history and heritage, particularly the city of Lianyungang, with its wonderful Huaguo Mountain and fabled watering hole. South Korea’s third largest city, Incheon is a financial hub with glorious offshore islets, while Pyeongtaek was the site for a famous battle between US and North Korean forces in 1950.

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