Perhentian Sunny Travel

Covering the islands forming Malaysia, specifically towards the east coast, Perhentian Sunny Travel provide a reliable, cheap service for tourists, locals and backpackers. Most who use the service do so because of the quick and easy crossings, allowing passengers the chance to seamlessly hop around the islands.

Typically popular with backpackers and travellers on a budget, the ferry routes with Perhentian Sunny Travel are usually very cheap and affordable. One of the most popular sailings is between Pulua Perhentian Besar and Pulua Perhentian Kecil, two of the main islands forming the Perhentian Islands archipelago. The views from the boat are particularly idyllic, and on routes where the environment and surroundings lend themselves to an excursion, snorkelling and diving equipment is also provided.

The company typically only use one vessel – a speedboat which travels at a fast and steady pace. The vast majority of the sailings are fairly short, usually around 35-40 minutes, so facilities onboard are quite simplistic, however, the seating is comfortable and affords stunning views of the encompassing water and landscape. The staff at the harbour are very friendly and welcoming, eager to help any confused or lost passengers on their sailing. When onboard, feel free to ask for the staff’s assistance with any queries.

With you can find Perhentian Sunny Travel timetables, fares and book Perhentian Sunny Travel ferry tickets. Where applicable we’ll also compare Perhentian Sunny Travel with alternative ferry companies.

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