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Pianosa ferry port in Pianosa Island is served by a number of ferry routes with crossings to Piombino & Rio Marina available. With a selection of up to 2 Sailings Weekly, the port of Pianosa connects Pianosa Island with Italy & Elba.

Sailing durations range from 1 hour 50 minutes on the Rio Marina service to 3 hours 10 minutes on the Piombino service.

Although there is a brief summary on this page, as sailing information can vary based on time of year we’d advise you to get live sailing times and prices in our Pianosa fare search.


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Pianosa Ferry Services

  • Toremar
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 3 hr 10 min
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  • Toremar
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 1 hr 50 min
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Pianosa Ferry Port

Pianosa is a small island that belongs to Italy and lays near the Tuscan Archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Two ferry routes depart the port, heading to Piombino and Rio Marina, supplied by Toremar and ranging from one to three hours.

What is there to do in Pianosa?

Rugged coastlines, unique foliage and pleasant temperatures have prompted Pianosa to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. The challenging terrain and abundance of watersports make Pianosa perfect for anyone who has an adventurous side. Arduous walking trails decorate the landscape, and for those who are adept on two wheels, mountain biking has become a very popular pastime. On the shoreline, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkelling are available, with snorkelling particularly enjoyable due to the beautiful underwater sea life and flora.

The island is fairly easy to cover entirely by foot, though there are several tours on offer showcasing the best Pianosa has to offer. The town centre offers alluring architecture amid a laid back atmosphere, creating the perfect setting to while away a few hours whilst enjoying some of the delicious local cuisine.

How do you get around Pianosa?

Most visitors choose to walk around the island, which is the desirable option considering the warm weather and picturesque scenery.

How To Get To Pianosa Ferry Port

  • Pianosa Ferry Port Address

    Localita' Palazzine Nuove, 57034 Pianosa Isola Di LI

  • Pianosa Accommodation

    If you need to spend a night at or near Pianosa ferry port before or after your trip or if you are looking for accommodation for your entire stay, please visit our Pianosa Accommodation page for the best accommodation prices and one of the largest selections available online!