Shin Nihonkai Ferry

Covering the popular regions of Hokkaido and Kyoto, Shin Nihonkai Ferry has become one of the most frequently used and popular ferry operators in the region. The operator is popular with Japanese locals as well as foreign tourists, evidenced by the 6.9 million foreign passengers on the routes featuring Hokkaido and 4.8 million including Kyoto. The operator has considered the heavy demands expected for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and has adapted its onboard facilities accordingly, as well as trying to encourage multilingual staff on their ships.

On board the vessels, the facilities are incredibly impressive; particular highlights are the Grand bath, Open Air Bath, Sauna and the array of themed rooms that caters to sporty types, kids and film lovers. Due to the fairly long duration of the crossings, there are a selection of cabins and suites available; deluxe suites are perfect for those who like to travel in luxury, and there are varying sizes of rooms to accommodate solo travellers, families and large groups of friends and family.

The staff at the terminal are typically very diligent and hardworking, ensuring each passenger safely boards the boat. Cars, motorcycles and bicycles can be brought onto the garage in the lower deck, and foot passengers are also guided onboard to enjoy the sailing.

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