Thira to Milos Ferry

The Thira Milos ferry route connects Cyclades Islands with Cyclades Islands and is currently operated by 4 ferry companies. Anek Lines operate their crossing up to 1 times per week, Zante Ferries 1 times per week, SeaJets 7 times per week & the Sea Speed Ferries service is available up to 1 times per week.

There are a combined 10 sailings available per week on the Thira Milos crossing between Cyclades Islands and Cyclades Islands and with 4 ferry companies on offer it is advisable to compare all to make sure you get the best fare at the time that you want to travel.

Thira - Milos Ferry Operators

  • Anek Lines
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 3 hr 55 min
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  • Zante Ferries
  • SeaJets
    • 7 Sailings Weekly 2 hr 5 min
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  • Sea Speed Ferries
    • 1 Sailing Weekly 3 hr 45 min
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Thira Milos Average Prices

Prices shown represent the average one way price paid by our customers. The most common booking on the Thira Milos route is a car and 2 passengers.

Thira Milos Ferry reviews

  • "Enjoyable ferry trip"

    A very relaxed way to travel between islands. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor seats, decent though limited food and drink, and the views are lovely...

    'KE' travelled Thira (Santorini) Milos with Zante Ferries

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  • "Thira-Milos Seajet"

    Very efficient. But you can't go on deck which means you can't relieve sense of nausea. There was a stiff wind when we travelled & a lot of passengers were seasick, even though the movement was not severe. On the return trip there was no wind & it was fine.

    'Richard' travelled Thira (Santorini) Milos with SeaJets on Superjet

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  • "Thira to Milos"

    This boat is a bit old, I would highly recommend upgrading for the business class as the economy class is very cramped and full. I believe that taking SeaJets is the best way to travel from Santorini to Milos though.

    'Nicaela' travelled Thira (Santorini) Milos with SeaJets on Seajet2

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    Almost perfect organization, there was just no help where to get the tickets and where to go to boarding. To have information I had to call the number on my booking reservation twice. (During the first call they sent me to the old harbour of Thira where there is no Seajet). I advice the company to give more accurate informations in the confirmations email, and to train better the staff of the customer service.

    'Lucia' travelled Thira (Santorini) Milos with SeaJets on Seajet2

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Milos Guide

Milos is a Greek island that is the most westerly of the Cyclades group of islands and is known as the place the statue of Venus, or Aphrodite, was discovered, although the statue is now on display in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The island has around 5,000 residents that live in seven small villages dotted around the island. Unlike many of its Cycladic neighbours, tourism is a relatively recent innovation on Milos and now tourists visit to enjoy the island's lovely beaches and warm, crystal clear waters. Thanks to the island's natural landscape, which is of volcanic origins, it is sometimes referred to as 'the island of colours'.

The island is connected to the port of Piraeus in Athens, to all of the Cycladic islands, the Dodecanese islands and Crete with both ferries and high-speed catamarans. During the peak season in the summer there are daily scheduled routes to and from the island. There are two ports in Milos, the main port is in Adamas and the other port is in Apollonia which connects the island with the islands of Kimolos and Glaronissia.