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Adria Ferries provides trans-Adriatic services between Italy and Albania, from the Italian port towns of Ancona, Bari and Trieste to Durres, the second largest city of Albania.

Serving the long-standing maritime link between Italy and Albania, Adria Ferries was established in 2004, and has transported over two and a half million passengers and seven hundred thousand vehicles ever since. By 2014, the company was recognised as a market leader in ferry crossings between the two nations, operating one of the largest fleets in terms of total capacity.

Previously named Conero Riviera, AF Michela was the original vessel in the Adria Ferries fleet, holding over eight hundred passengers, while AF Claudia, one of the biggest ferries in the Adriatic Sea, can carry more than fifteen hundred passengers, boasting two hundred and eighty luxurious cabins. AF Francesa joined the fleet in 2009, in accordance to the newly introduced Bari-Durres route, followed by the ships AF Marina in 2012, and Aurelia two years after.

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Adria Ferries Customer Reviews

  • "Ocena"

    Ura izkrcavanja za motoriste ni veljala, smiselno bi bilo, da se potnike motoriste opozori, da se izkrcavajo zadnji, kar pomeni z zamudo.

    'Gorazd' travelled with Adria Ferries on Michela

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  • "Fantastic trip"

    Another one bits the dust l would say. Everything it was fantastic for me it was the first time to travel by ferrie but l never forget this great exprience. I wold prefer everyone to travel by them they are great.

    'Arben' travelled with Adria Ferries

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  • "Great trip."

    Great trip. Rooms were clean. The ship started with 1,5 hours delay but arrived on time.

    'Berat' travelled with Adria Ferries

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  • "Double adventure"

    We travelled from Bari to Durres at 23:00 with Adria Ferries. Same time return but with GNV. The return journey was quite nice. New ship, equipped and not too noisy. Cabin with toilet was clean and comfortable. The staff at the cafè shop was really funny. We had almost 2 hours of delay but we arrived in perfect time the morning after. But the outbound journey gave us the most stong emotions. The ship left with 20 minutes delay, arriving on time at the port the next morning. We were in 4 in a cabin with toilet. A minimal one. First thing to say: once we were walking inside the cabin a weird woman quickly came out of there mumbling something. Once inside we found an undone bed and the toilet was dirty. We could not understand who this lady was and she was doing inside our cabin. I asked at the reception girl, she was confused and she sent two members of the staff to reset the cabin. Second ting: the staff, really courios people. A lady asked us to leave the place where we were sitting on at the bar, while we were drinking what we bought there, telling us that those seats were reserved for police and embassy staff only. There was no sign to say that over there! Anyway, we left without complain. The next morning, when I hand over the cabin's key, the lady at the reception remainded me in a really rude way that I should have bring them back 1 hour before. But we did not know that. The crossing was really noisy, but it is understandable because it was an old ship. In conclusion we could use again this company if you are looking at price and quality and for sure if you loved adventure! Happy journey people...and when you get inside the cabin check underneath the bed!

    'Anonymous' travelled with Adria Ferries

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