Majestic Fast Ferry

Majestic Fast Ferry sails across the busy Singapore Strait, between Singapore Batam Island of Indonesia numerous times daily.

Departing from the Harbourfront Centre terminal in Singapore, the Majestic Fast ferry service sails to and from two ports in the north of Batam Island. The crossing to Batam Centre is the most frequent, with up to twelve rotations daily, whilst the trip to Sekupang operates up to nine times every day, usually lasting under an hour.

Majestic Fast Ferry were previously known as Pacific Ferry and their crossings utilise the Pacific vessels as well as those previously operated by Wavemaster. Ferries on both routes run almost hourly to Batam from around eight in the morning until nine in the evening and take around forty five minutes to complete the crossing. The fleet comprises three catamarans carrying 200 passengers, a group of mono-hulls named Wavemasters which hold 168 passengers, and MV Pacific, accommodating 200 passengers.

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