Naples to Procida Ferry

The Naples Procida ferry route connects Italy with Gulf of Napoli and is currently operated by 3 ferry companies. SNAV Aliscafi operate their crossing up to 4 times per day, Caremar 7 times per day & the Caremar (Hydrofoil) service is available up to 7 times per day.

There are a combined 18 sailings available per day on the Naples Procida crossing between Italy and Gulf of Napoli and with 3 ferry companies on offer it is advisable to compare all to make sure you get the best fare at the time that you want to travel.

Naples - Procida Ferry Operators

Naples Procida Average Prices

Prices shown represent the average one way price paid by our customers. The most common booking on the Naples Procida route is a car and 1 passenger.

Naples Procida Ferry reviews

  • "Great efficient service "

    On time. Well run. Comfortable. Convenient.

    'Anonymous' travelled Naples Procida with SNAV Aliscafi

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  • "The Seasick Crossing"

    Travelled from Naples to Procida on 3 August. It was a rough crossing which caused many people to be very sick. I don't know what steps were taken to alleviate the discomfort for the passengers as the boat went very fast. The heat made it very uncomfortable for the passengers and the air conditioning was only turned on 3/4 of the way across. Most people were given a sick bag and many people were vommitting. I felt very ill when I got off the boat, sick with nausea and shaking. I do sail so used to the sea.

    'Anonymous' travelled Naples Procida with SNAV Aliscafi

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  • "Naples to Procida"

    Booked on line before journey . Checked in with printed information . Asked which platform hydrofoil was leaving from . Every one formed an orderly queue. Seated on a very clean organised craft with places to put suitcases . There is a bar to buy snacks and coffee. Short trip over calm sea . Disembarkment was simple . I would recommend this journey with SNAV

    'Anonymous' travelled Naples Procida with SNAV Aliscafi

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  • "Return trip Naples to Procida"

    Ferry left from Molo Beverello. A bit overwhelming but found SNAV office along with all the other ferry companies in the Ticket Office area. Big shaded area to wait in for ferry to arrive. Little cafe for snacks just across from waiting area. About 20 minutes before ferry due to leave, popped back to ticket office as requested and was told which pier/gate to head to. There is a big board showing the various scheduled crossings but didn't seem to have up to date information. Ferry crossing fast and efficient both ways. Special area on ferry to stack luggage. Air conditioned which was lovely being July/August.

    'Anonymous' travelled Naples Procida with SNAV Aliscafi

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Naples Guide

The Italian city of Naples, or Napoli as it is also called, is located in the Campania region of the country and lies on the Gulf of Naples, on southern Italy's west coast. The city is located in an enviable position between two volcanic areas, Mount Vesuvius and the Campi Flegrei. The Roman ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis and Stabiae, which were destroyed the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, are located close to the city as is the city of Sorrento and the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Also located close to Naples are the former parts of the Roman naval facility of Portus Julius, namely the port towns of Pozzuoli and Baia which are both to the north of Naples. The city is adorned with medieval, Baroque and Renaissance churches, castles and palaces and has long been an important centre for the arts and architecture. In the 18th century, Naples went through a period of neoclassicism, following the discovery of the remarkably intact Roman ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii.

The port of Naples is home to several ferry, hydrofoil and SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) catamaran services, linking numerous locations in both the Neapolitan province, including Capri, Ischia and Sorrento, and the Salernitan province, including Salerno, Positano and Amalfi. Ferry services also operate to Sicily, Sardinia, Ponza and the Aeolian Islands.

Procida Guide

Procida is an Italian island that lies in the Bay of Naples in the south of the country. The island is situated between the Italian mainland and the larger island of Ischia and has a more authentic and charming feel that the more popular islands of Capri and Ischia. The island's main settlement, Procida Porto, is located on the island's north eastern shore and is where ferries to the island dock and where buses depart to travel around the island's road network. The oldest parts of Procida Porto was built on a high headland in order to provide some form of defence from invaders. Residential dwellings can be found all over the island, but at the southern end of Procida Porto is another more concentrated settlement, called Chiaiolella. A small curving islet, called Vivara, lies alongside Procida and is now a nature reserve. The rest of the island is somewhat built up and has a fairly large amount of land devoted to agriculture.

Ferries to Ischia generally stop at Procida. There are both fast and slow services, and some run from a different port in Naples, called Mergellina, which is handy for the Italian railway network. Procida is also served by ferries from a nearby town on the mainland called Pozzuoli.