Anes Ferries

ANES Ferries is a Greek ferry company offering connections from the ports of Volos, Piraeus, Mantoudi and Glyfa on the mainland to the popular holiday islands of the Sporades and Saronic groups.

The company was established in 1979 in order to connect the island of Symi with the rest of the country, as there was growing concern the locals would leave. So, ANES, whose full name is Anonymous Ferry Company of Symi, was introduced to increase tourist traffic and support the local freight business.

Today, the fully renovated vessels called Proteus and Agios Nektarios make up the fleet, offering a luxurious and enjoyable sailing experience to the Saronic and Sporades archipelagos. Both are large cruise ferries with the capability of holding over 400 passengers and 100 vehicles and, on board, you will find a wide selection of amenities with both outdoor seats and comfortable indoor lounges.

The Saronics, given their proximity to Athens, are popular amongst Greeks as affordable excursions in beautiful surroundings, whilst the Sporades, which are further north, offer some of the finest diving spots in Greece.

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Anes Ferries Customer Reviews

  • "personal view"

    It's a thoroughly positive review.

    'Anonymous' travelled with Anes Ferries

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  • "Excellent Trip"

    On time, lovely clean ferry, very friendly. No bad points at all

    'Jane' travelled with Anes Ferries

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  • "Anes ferry to Aegina"

    I would definitely recommend this service from Pireaeus to Agina. A bit slower than the hydrofoils, but far pleasanter! Sit and relax on the deck with a coffee or beer from the bar and take in the view for an hour or so - can't think of a nicer way to travel. Cheap and efficient - what's not to like?

    'Kenneth' travelled with Anes Ferries

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  • "Fast and efficient "

    Very good service. Fast and efficient boat with great staff. Very clean

    'Terry' travelled with Anes Ferries

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