Moby Lines

Moby Lines connects mainland Italy with the islands of Sardinia, Corsica and Elba with a fleet of colourful ships.

With Moby Lines you are getting every day, and in every season, a style of navigation guaranteed by 130 years of tradition and experience within the ferry industry and comfort usually reserved for cruise liners between Italy, Sardinia Corsica and Elba.

With Moby Lines, you're not just on your way; once on-board, the holiday has already started, and travelling with Moby means feeling completely at ease in pleasant surroundings with a cordial atmosphere.

Equipped with special architectural features and an exceptional interior, Moby Lines Fast Cruise Ferries have a special character which is reflected in the atmosphere on board fulfilling the wishes of every traveller. With a choice of numerous departure ports and ferry routes, whatever you destination, Moby Lines is equipped to make your journey as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

With you can find Moby Lines timetables, fares and book Moby Lines ferry tickets. Where applicable we’ll also compare Moby Lines with alternative ferry companies.

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Moby Lines Customer Reviews

  • "Great ferry"

    I loved the ferry ride

    'Tim' travelled with Moby Lines

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  • "Route from Civitavecchia to Olbia"

    The ship was a beautiful experience for my daughter and me. The long route was enjoyable because of the outlook of the ship. It's great to sit in the lounge or outside either. The only problem was there was nothing to eat apart from sandwiches and toasts because the Pizzeria wasn't open. I have to mention the journey was 6 hours instead of the official 5 from Civitavecchia to Olbia. We didn't really mind.

    'Ferenc' travelled with Moby Lines

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  • "Great easy trip"

    From booking online, to boarding the ferry- all so very easy and all in all a great experience. The four hour crossing from Livorno to Bastia was most pleasant and with our flexibility with dates we were able to travel on Thursdays which proved much cheaper than Saturdays. I believe we received good value for money!

    'Ugo' travelled with Moby Lines

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  • "Livorno - Olbia"

    Everything was well organized. We arrived on time. Trip passed nice. I was satisfied.

    'Marko' travelled with Moby Lines

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