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Frequently Asked Questions

Our 'FAQ' database contains the questions and answer to the most common queries made about booking and travelling by ferry! Click on a category below to reveal the related questions. If your question isn't answered then please Contact Us

At the port & onboard

  • How can I find directions to the ferry port?

    Please go to our Ferry Ports page and click on the port name that you’d like to find travel information for.

  • When do I need to check in?

    This varies from one ferry route to another. Latest check in times are displayed at time of booking and are shown on you booking confirmation email. If you are travelling with pets or require assistance at the port then we advise that you allow extra time.

  • Can I get on an earlier crossing?

    Usually, the ticket that you purchase is only valid for the crossing that you have booked it for. Some ferry companies do allow you to change your crossing time at the port, but this usually only happens if there are multiple ferry sailings available per day. If your original departure time is more than 24hrs away and your ticket is amendable, you can update your booking in [My Account] and pick an earlier or later sailing.

  • What do I do if I’m late or likely to miss my crossing?

    Contact us by telephone so that we can advise you if it’s possible to amend to another sailing. If you are running late at a time outside of our contactable hours or if you are travelling on a route where there are many daily crossings, we can only advise that you proceed to the port to see if the ferry operator will allow a change to an alternative sailing.

  • What can I expect onboard the ship?

    For a comprehensive onboard guide, please visit our Onboard page.

  • Where do I check-in for my ferry?

    Where you check-in for your ferry will be different for each operator and port. You can find information on where to check-in on the port pages and in your confirmation email. We do our best to keep this information up to date, but it can change at short notice so it's important to give yourself plenty of time to check-in. You'll find the final check-in time in your confirmation email.

  • Do I need to pick up a boarding pass or ticket at the ferry port?

    For most crossings you will need show your confirmation email to pick up your boarding pass at the ferry port. For other crossings we will either email you your boarding pass as an attachment or send you an email inviting you to check-in online to retrieve your boarding pass. Your confirmation email has details on what you'll need to do to pick up your ferry boarding pass.

  • Can I park my car at the port?

    Some ports will have parking facilities, but not all. Where ever possible we'll try to provide you useful information regarding ports on the port pages of our website and in your confirmation email. However this kind of information can change regularly, so we'd always suggest a quick online search for available facilities in and around the port before heading out.

  • Is there luggage storage on the ferry?

    This will depend on which ferry you're traveling on. You can find information on each ferry companies ships on our Ferry Companies' pages. Ferry companies can change ships on a sailing at the last minute, so we can't always guarantee which ship you will be sailing on, but we'll do our best to give you the most accurate and useful information we can.

  • Do I need to take a printed copy of my confirmation email with me to the ferry port?

    Most ferry companies are happy to accept an electronic version of your confirmation email, but to be safe, in case you can't access your confirmation email at the port, we'd suggest you take a printed version as well.