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Frequently Asked Questions

Our 'FAQ' database contains the questions and answer to the most common queries made about booking and travelling by ferry! Click on a category below to reveal the related questions. If your question isn't answered then please Contact Us

Travel Documents

  • Do I need a passport?

    The form of ID you'll need to travel on a ferry depends on the route and your own nationality. On most international routes you will need your passport to check-in, however there are exceptions to this. If you're an EU citizen, travelling in the EU, a valid EU national identity card can also be used. When sailing between Ireland and Britain, Irish and British citizens can use a valid form of photo ID like a drivers licence. On a lot of domestic ferry sailings a valid form of photo ID will be enough or no ID will be required at all to check-in. You can find information on what form of ID you'll need to travel in your confirmation email.

  • What documentation am I required to carry when driving abroad?

    It is a legal requirement to carry a valid driving licence, vehicle registration and vehicle insurance certificate. There will also be specific regulations in different countries and therefore we advise that you check before travelling to be sure that you are compliant.

  • Do I need a visa?

    This will depend on your nationality and the country you are travelling to. If you are travelling to a country that you believe requires a Visa then we suggest you contact your local embassy. A visa can take several weeks to obtain so please make the necessary arrangements well ahead of your travel date.